Rancho Del Rio on the Colorado River


Cabin Rentals

Individual Cabins:  $120 to $200 Range
The Bunkhouse:  $180/night
Cabin Rental Prices Do Not Include Tax
Contact Us For Group Rates


Plenty of pay camping available

$10/person per day

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Yoga Pad

The Yoga Pad is $150
plus $10 per person per night camping fee

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(Including River Distances, Trip Length and 
Whitewater Class)

Vehicle Shuttles for River Users

Rancho Del Rio will shuttle your vehicle safely from where you put in on the Upper Colorado River to where you want to take off.   

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Shuttle Cost Examples

Origin Destination Cost
Pumphouse Radium $40
Pumphouse Rancho Del Rio $45
Pumphouse State Bridge $55
Pumphouse 2 Bridges $65
Pumphouse Catamount $75
Radium Rancho Del Rio $40
Radium State Bridge $45
Radium 2 Bridges $55
Rancho Del Rio State Bridge $35
Rancho Del Rio 2 Bridges $45
Rancho Del Rio Catamount $55
State Bridge 2 Bridges $40
State Bridge Catamount $60
2 Bridges Catamount $55
* Burns is now closed for access
Please note that in case of an accident, insurance coverage is the responsibility of the owner's policy.

Guided Trips

Rancho Del Rio offers a full range of guided trips.
Rafting and Kayaking
Fly Fishing
Contact Us for inquiries

Rancho Del Rio
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