Rancho Del Rio on the Colorado River


The upper stretches of the Colorado River, west of its source in the Rocky Mountain National Park, feature some of Colorado's finest and most popular whitewater trips for rafters, kayakers, families, and large groups.  In the beautiful high forests and steep canyons of the Gore Range just a two- and one-half hour drive from Denver, the Upper Colorado is rafted and floated for nearly 58 miles between Kremmling and Interstate 70 near Dotsero.

A wide variety of rafting trips are available on the Upper Colorado, ranging in length from a half-day to three-days.  One of the most popular day trips is the Class II - III run from the Pumphouse in Lower Gore Canyon to Rancho Del Rio.  Multiday trips with overnight camping continue downstream through scenic valleys and ranch lands for as much as 47 miles.  These trips have ample time for relaxing, swimming, hiking, and fishing.

River Segment Distance
(River Miles)
Trip Length
Gore Canyon to Pumphouse 10 5 IV / V
Pumphouse to Radium 4 2 II / III
Radium to Rancho Del Rio 5 3 II / III
Rancho Del Rio to State Bridge 4 2 II
State Bridge to Catamount Bridge 14 7 II
Catamount Bridge to Burns (Private) 5 3 I / II
Burns (Private) to Derby Junction (Private) 1 0.5 II / III
Derby Junction (Private) to Pinball 3 1.5 II / III
Pinball to Cottonwood 14 7 II
Cottonwood to Dotsero 6 3 I

Rancho Del Rio
4199 Trough Road
Bond, CO  80423
ph: 970-653-4431
website: www.ranchodelrio.com
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